Rosa Park

United States
Rosa Park, a multi-disciplinary artist and educator, merges her diverse background and profound fascination with sound in her latest artistic venture. Grounded in her deep understanding of psychoacoustics, algorithmic composition, and digital fabrication, Park explores the subtle intricacies of sound, bridging the gap between the audible and imperceptible realms.
In her most recent undertaking, Park embarks on a poignant exploration, capturing the elusive topographical recordings of the earth’s nearly inaudible sounds and employing various methods to make the imperceptible audible. This project holds profound personal significance as she documents the topographical audio signature of a cherished cemetery in Korea, a sacred space where her beloved relatives rest eternally. As urban development threatens to transform this site, Park’s mission becomes all the more crucial, preserving the sonic essence of the place before it fades into oblivion.
Park’s project is an act of reverence and remembrance, a testament to the power of sound in capturing the essence of place and evoking a profound connection to our roots. By making the inaudible audible, she invites us to engage with the disappearing cemetery, its history, and the enduring legacy of her ancestors. It is a call to listen, to bear witness, and to honor the vanishing spaces that hold our collective stories.
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