Mette Sanggaard


My artistic background is grounded in a mix of photography, art and design. I graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Design in 2014 and have been working as a graphic designer, a photographer and as an artist both solo and in collaborations. Many art pieces have been made together with the art collective FUKK which I’ve been apart of since 2015. And later, together with another art collective Kosmologym The last three summers I’ve been attending different summer schools / residencies:

2017: Typography Summer School, London (1 week)
2018: ISIA Urbino Werkplatts Typografie Summer School (2 weeks)
2019: Metropolis, residency ‘Sensing the City’, Copenhagen (1 month)

My degree project Tactile Sound (2014) has in many ways been an importing path for my artistic practice. In any art project I’m always focused on how and in which way an atmosphere/setting can affect the human being. I work with spacious and sentient topics and I’m interested in the way you can create other universes or illusions that move your view from daily life to see your surroundings with more or other senses and maybe in a new light. In January/February 2018 I was a part of the art project Kosmologym made as a collaboration with two art collectives FUKK(DK) and Camp Little Hope (UK/US). Kosmologym took place at the gallery ‘Den Frie’ which we transformed into a pop up ethics gym for 3 weeks. It was a participatory exhibition and each room was turned into different games/ways of training your “other” muscles. See: The experience from Kosmologym has definitely affected my latest performance research – for example in the way I’m now interested in how games can be an interesting and very giving frame to work with. Last summer I did a 1 month residency (Metropolis, Sensing the city, Cph) working with performance in public spaces. As a part of the performance different scaled objects had an important role functioning as a key to make people move.

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