Duaa and Shannon

Jordan and United States

Duaa Bilbeisi (Jordan)

Duaa is an expressionist who aims to spread humanitarian thoughts through visual media. Focusing on community engagement, Duaa guides people to express unseen suffering – lifting the individual voice, and in turn, lifting the collective.

From a personal perspective, Duaa found her own voice through digital and traditional paint to release the stress of daily life over the past twenty years. This long journey of self discovery has shown her how to survive and she wants to raise others along with her on this process.

Shannon Castor (United States)

Drawing from fauvism and expressionism Shannon reflects her interior landscapes onto paper with acrylic paint. Her practice of long distance running rises these interior images to the surface, bringing forward the subconscious psyche, a surreal combination of internal and external

As an ultrarunner, Shannon has discovered that for her, fatigue provides a release of mental weight. An increased circulation of stuck sludge to be lifted and cleared like toxins of the liver. Through the translation or expressions produced in her paintings, she gains a sense of calm.

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