Lilit Lesser and Jack Clearwater

United Kingdom

Lilit Lesser and Jack Clearwater are an artistic duo working across theatre, film, cabaret and live art.

Lilit (They / Them) is a cabaret artist, writer, actor and translator.

Jack (He / Him) is a director, writer, theatre maker and cabaret artist.

Our intertwined practice includes projects with the cross-form arts group Clearwater Collective, as well as Marisa Carnesky’s Radical Cabaret School and NMBC Ritual Laboratory.

At GlogauAIR we are developing ‘LILIT’, a new performance piece centred around the mythic Jewish demon Lilith.

Invoking Lilit in these spaces, we work within a cabaret tradition to hold a filthy mirror up to the monster/goddess binary, and go beyond it to ask: what does it mean to embody a being created by humans to make sense of abyssal darkness? We are concerned with the many hearts of Lilit as a powerful autonomous being in their own right – one who lives in the unliveable, one who dances in the ruined temple, one who through whom we may heal even knowing our wounds will never close. One to whom queerness and disability feel inextricably bound. One who crouches at the edges of our vision, bearing witness.

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