Showcase // Lilit Lesser and Jack Clearwater

From the 07/06/2022

until the 14/06/2022

Lilit Lesser and Jack Clearwater

LILIT, 2022

The Jewish demon Lilith is currently in residence at GlogauAIR.
These are their crown of shattered vessels and adornments,
the angels that pursue them to the ends of the Earth,
and the Shekhinah who hovers above their bed.
You should not approach my body, you should not walk in front of me, you should
not follow me.
Where I stop, you should not stop, where I sit down, you should not sit down.
You should not enter my house, you should not cast a spell on my house.
You should not place your feet in my footprints.
Where I go in, you should not go in,
where I enter, you should not enter.


You’ll be able to see more of Jack and Lilith’s work during our upcoming
Open Studios on the 17th and 18th of June!