‘LILIT’ – Work in Progress


by Lilit Lesser and Jack Clearwater

Time: 25th May at 8pm

Location: Project Space, GlogauAIR 

Free entrance

LILIT is a myth we are making to deal with darkness. 

LILIT is reclaiming incantations designed to keep them out. ‘LILIT’ is a cabaret/live art piece following Lilit, a darkness-dwelling mythic figure tied to the Jewish diaspora. 

Described in ancient texts as a “dweller in waste places,” Lilit thrives in desolation. In our reimagining, we journey into their many hearts as a powerful autonomous being in their own right – one who lives in the unliveable, one who dances in the ruined temple, one through whom we may heal even knowing our wounds will never close. One who crouches at the edges of our vision, bearing witness.

Combining cabaret forms of lip-sync, drag, subversion and ritual, ‘LILIT’ engages with themes of freedom from persecution, freedom within a disabled and queer body, the destructive irony of cisheteropatriarchy, and the importance of legacy and folklore. 

All spoken through the throat of an immortal, queer, Jewish demon.