Tiphaine Scott de Martinville


I structure my work around language, blending narration and a displacement maieutic to explore a supposedly better world. To embody this exploration, I paint, sculpt, cut, draw, write, record, transform, and animate, all while pursuing a hoped-for horizon.

Oscillating between gravity and lightness, I create artistic devices around three fields: visual art, language spaces and playgrounds. By intertwining them, I aim to disrupt logical thinking, conditioning and habitual thought patterns, providing better access to our unconscious resources. It is said that we could discover the words for our authentically desired actions in this realm.

I regularly draw inspiration from the stories of those seeking to change paths, driven by desires or necessities that transcend fears and adversities.  From there, I create an exploratory corpus linked to displacement: rolls of movement, transitional logograms, hypothetical maps and trajectories, portraits of walking minds, games that are not games, contradictory rules, hypnotic protocols, displacement or onomatopoeic dice, initiatory or allegorical paintings.

The resulting corpus create transitional and metaphorical spaces where spectators, through their movement, embody their journey in a complex and uncertain world.

In my painting, lively and energetic brushstrokes, drips and diluted hues create a visual movement that resonates with the ephemeral and dynamic landscapes resulting from displacement.  These elements also evoke the intense flow of images that saturate our imaginations.

This corpus aims to impart meaning by developing knowledge models that connect me with artists who seek to order the world, such as Hilma af Klint, Fabrice Hyber, and Suzanne Treister, to whom I dedicated a master’s thesis.

Several other artists particularly inspire my approach: Boris Achour, Christian Boltanski, Claude Closky, Brigitte Cornand, Hélène Delprat, Eric Duyckaerts, Öyvind Fahlström, Joan Jonas, Violaine Lochu, Matt Mullican, Tino Sehgal, Louise Siffert, Jeanne Susplugas, and Sarah Tritz.

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