Sara Agudo Millàn


Interested in perception and its limits, she addresses questions from close-up. It is the chiasm, the intertwining between what occurs and our view that captures it, an opening of possibilities, that runs through her praxis –from research to production– located at the intersection between art, literature and philosophy. Based on minimal interventions in space, drawings and texts, her actions are records of everyday life as a way to open a dialogue with a certain phenomenon. She works also with performance in order to expand her texts and publications to fold them.

‘The Resistance of the Imperceptible’ is the name of the work she has been developing since 2014, leading to her Master’s dissertation in 2017. Her new project, ‘The Future’ emerges from the ideas generated by this process, and has received the support of the Guasch Coranty Foundation Grant. If the purpose of the first project was the perceptual limits of space, in ‘The Future’ it’s the perceptive limits of time. This project is based on the importance of paying attention to possible future realities that are already latent but still unnoticed.

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