Sophie Nathan-King

United Kingdom

Sophie Nathan-King is a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily in textiles, painting and site-specific installation. Her reference system consists of the abstraction of everyday encounters, exposing the materiality of routine, the layered process of objects and their design, whilst drawing on our spatial relations to the urban city.

The historical and practical origins of materials often inform the works Sophie creates. Enamel, predominantly used as coating for household features such as door frames and window sills, is applied to her paintings in an attempt to blur parameters between the subject and its environment, and to refer to liminal spaces.

For Sophie’s most recent exhibition, lengths of linen weaved through the interiors and exteriors of converted Georgian houses in London, now known as Gallery 46. Referencing hidden labours in its production through processes of sewing and ironing, the work engaged with the domesticity of its setting. Historically used for binding, linen formed a protective gauze for the infrastructure, whilst simultaneously asserting boundaries. Weaving through windows and doorways, it aimed to interrogate the margins of public and private space, and portray how these are becoming increasingly diffuse.

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