Scarlett Morrow


In my practice even though my art comes from a personal place and my own experiences, I want it to be about you, the viewer. My work involves emotion. By exposing parts of myself, I aim for the audience to introspect and relate to it in their own way. I use my own experiences to relay relatable messages, so one can go on their own journey whilst watching one of my videos. I want to use my voice as a platform, to speak about the unspoken and express what can be scary to express. I use video as a method of conversation.

To achieve this, I often start with continuous writing. By using this method of exploring through writing, I am able to expose truths and be more honest. This allows the content to be more raw, therefore more connectable. These continuous writing ‘proses’ can then later be translated into audio or text within a video. Text is important in my work. I use text to best convey my message. I see text as an effective form of communication within video. It can immediately catch your eye, and can be interesting to play around with on top of other layers such as audio and imagery to keep attention. Sound then shapes the whole thing together. Audio has become increasingly more important within my practice, exploring different methods from my own voice to my own recordings of everyday things and then manipulating them. I am constantly taking videos, recording sounds and writing down notes to later tie loose ends together to create something special.

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