Guangchun Gao


There are three steps that can describe my artistic career. is my earlier series which mainly involves the relationship between environment and human beings: to destroy, to rebuild, to remove the old and build the new. But how do we make sense of Humanity through gestures of tearing down, construction/re-construction? Also, what kind of ruin and construction is necessary to human beings’ life? The project Bones is an extension of ‘Ruin·Build’. Through Bones I intended to explore the existing meaning of life. In this series, I used bones as my subject of creation in order to represent death. Through this material, people can reflect on their life essence and soul standard in a deeplyer way. The idea for my recent series, Avalokitesvara, derives from a Buddhist classic: The Heart Sutra. I attempt to translate classics through drawing, which means chasing for my initial love, and integrate self-cultivated concept into life itself at the same time, including reflection, pure thought, gaining wisdom and achieving the greatest. Art changes life and life changes artistic works. My artistic focus has helped me to understand life and observe art much better. The works I created have internal connections with my growth environment. I really want to live truthfully and work heartily. And I will stick to my artistic career forever.

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