Franco Palioff


Franco works with different media, from painting to intelligent objects and installations, 3D videos and music. His installations are complex interactive spaces, where he speaks through an interactive coded behavior.

His first objects and installations were developed in Brazil, and they search for philosophical questions about the way we experience spirituality and religiosity in South America.

With deep learning and robotic techniques he also makes questions about our time in different areas. One path goes by questioning the physics and time itself, looking for example to new definitions of fictional physical and statistical magnitudes, dependent on the internet indicators of new sensing media. Other interest which is also shared with the painting and drawing imagery, is researching into sex and the way we experience the new wave of 3D post-porn, its political and social implications. The last path of research is into simulating societies with different psychological approaches, giving a sense of poetry in how this parallel society is born, develops, dies and regenerates.

“Franco decodes as detailed information of our time in recognized contemporary behaviors that cannot be described in pairs with or without polarities, the only facts about the possibilities of existing, probabilities of combinations formed or revealed with machinic worship.” – Jack Holmer, curator and artist.
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