Showcase // Franco Palioff

From the 20/07/2021

until the 27/07/2021

Franco’s multidisciplinary practice consists of expressive painting, 3D videos, and robotic objects and installations. They all converge in intense, obscure figures, like savage sexual forces of nature navigating an existentialist world full of pain, joy, lust, pleasure and injustice.

The three paintings and the two monotypes were all done during the last year and demonstrate a new direction into using more expressive gestures to convey the psychological state of the figures.

These figures and their environments, as with those in his 3D videos, are unified by fantastical organic components which are imagined interpretations of an existential world.

His objects and installations use sarcasm and irony to critique existentialist post-modern society. This is experienced through human interaction with machine programmed behaviour. His strong interest in spirituality and religion in South America, sex and lust, self-destructive mechanisms, apocalyptic events and social regeneration are also implicit in these works.

The robotic sculptural object shown here is a work in progress which will be developed during the residency and shown at GlogauAIR’s open studios in late September.



1) The vomit – Oil on wood – 2019

2) Untitled – Oil on wood – 2020

3) Dead alive – Oil on wood – 2020

4) Untitled – Monotype – 2020

5) Untitled – Monotype – 2020



2021_Q3_Showcase_Franco Palioff_05