Bring to life something from nothingness is the central idea of MASCOGA’s work. Defined as a word’s player and its spatial arrangement, creation is a neuralgic element. For the artist the creative process happens twice (from idea to execution); a circular, concentric, and elastic process; where he questions absolutes, created imaginaries and the assimilated, proposing new paradigms. It is the notion of circularity that allows him to approach themes in a multidisciplinary and interconnected way. He interprets movement, and how the spatiality of points A and B make the definition of the artist. Crossed and influenced by colour theory (abstract expressionism; Vasili Kandinsky), the artist is also defined by trajectories and experience, understood as a spatial mode of being (Marc Augé). He creates his work from a process of enquiry and deconstruction of the incorporated. The curatorial narrative is part of this broad, deep, and indivisible process for the artist where the notion of purifying to the abstract explains his work.

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