Meet the on-line Artist // MASCOGA

Bring to life something from nothingness is the central idea of MASCOGA’s work. Defined as a word’s player and its spatial arrangement, creation is a neuralgic element. For the artist the creative process happens twice (from idea to execution); a circular, concentric, and elastic process; where he questions absolutes, created imaginaries and the assimilated, proposing new paradigms.

IACCA (Indicador de Afectación del Cambio Climático en el Arte; Climate Change Affect Indicator in Art) is the indicator created to generate a common language between science, technology, innovation, art and climate change.

IACCA brings together indicators of climate change and indicators of the adjustment of a technical reproduction of a work of art. IACCA is a prospective exercise towards the creation of a platform for dialogue between Science, Technology, Innovation, Climate Change and Art.