From 29/10/2019 to 03/11/2019

In the exhibition „optimum10“, 10 artists have been dealing with future utopia/distopia on the foundation of a documentary called „Richtung 2000“ depicting the future 30 years from the 70s. In the film a drug (Optimum 10) is responsible for everybody’s well-being, the solution for all possible dangers to society.

From directly commenting the mentioned future outlook over depicting scenarios of today in relation to political and technological developments to setting up their own outlook for 30 years the artists developed 10 different positions, differing both formally and content wise. 

In the process of research and curating they find a common ground between the positions.

They are a loose collective working together on theme based projects, all based and working in Berlin. 


Elisa Jule Braun 

Milena Bühring 

Léo Faulhaber 

Moritz Haase

Nicole Hauck 

Joana Heitzer

Frank Jimin Hopp

Miriam Döring

Helena Rauch 

Laura Suryani Thedja