Showcase // Beatriz Lorenzo Iñigo

From the 27/04/2021

until the 04/05/2021

Reflejo // Reflection (2021)
Site specific installation 

 At this point of my residency at GlogauAIR, in which I am still making contact with the impressions that the city, the neighborhood and this immersive experience are providing me with,  I see myself observing and storing in my memory small details of the closest and everyday reality.,These have taken me to think about how the environment influences our identity as individuals and as a society, and therefore,  on the works that we create.

 Considering that, and although In recent years I have focused my work on the language of painting, this time I have decided to create an installation that is affected by the environment in which it is located.

Taking light (and shadow) as the main element and the origin of every image, this installation is intended as a living work that changes its appearance with the variation of light throughout the day and night.

 Human action can also change the shape of the work by simply projecting light on the installation. This is an invitation to anyone who wants to play and interact with the piece.


“I believe that beauty is not a substance in itself but just a drawing of shadows, a play of chiaroscuro produced by juxtaposition of different substances.”

Junichiro Tanizaki


Q2_2021_Showcase_Beatriz Lorenzo_02