Beatriz Lorenzo Iñigo


I understand the artistic practice as a form of analysis and a knowledge of sociological and emotional concepts. It is the way I immerse myself in the human psyche. For me, art is a means of expression and an analysis of everyday world that surrounds me. My works of art are the result of observation, experience and memory. In them, a multitude of elements are represented as symbols of richness and complexity that inhabits the mind, avoiding simplification of labels.

My interest is focused on representing subjective reality taking the imagination as a triggering element of pictorial creation. I am interested in leaving a trace of the gesture, the brushstroke, as a symbol or expression of the nerve, the state of mind, as if the painting were something alive. In this manner the work expresses creative processes, doubts, determination, fears or freedom.

In my works recurrent symbols appear, such as masks and graphic patterns. The mask is present not as something that hides, but as something used to represent the freedom of the self. Graphic patterns represents the small routines that we do daily. By depicting these repetitive elements through painting, an exact repetition is never possible so it comes to represent a fascination for the small differences within the routine. These two elements ultimately speak about identity.

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