Marco Ivic


I was born and raised in Venezuela (1988) to a Croatian father and an Italian mother. Regardless of a happy childhood, full of mixtures and contrasts, home has always been a virtual place for me, and the feeling of belonging and abstract phenomenon that constantly demands questioning and reinventing.
The search for a way to express myself spontaneously engaged me with music and later took me to Croatia, where I developed and studied as a classical pianist. Although music has always had an essential role in my life, it soon became obvious I needed to explore my own physicality on stage, and the aesthetic possibilities offered by the visual arts. It turned out that technology and live electronics functioned as a bridge to articulate all the diversity I felt I needed. Movement, music theatre, photography, performance art, composition, improvisation, installation performances, they all fourished after I moved to The Netherlands back in 2013.
Nowadays my artistic focus is set on interdisciplinary performances, and more recently, the exploration of the installation format and collaborations related to photography and sculpture, always connecting and re-connecting with sonic experiences. My research is motivated by approximations to exuberant aesthetics, human identity, the body, and metaphysical aspects of our existence. A connection to the piano and my interest in live electronics is constantly pushing me to fnd new sound dimensions involving the use of software and sensors, in an attempt to re-articulate my personal experience and explore the relationships between the instrument and my body.

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