Imke Zeinstra


Imke Zeinstra is a Performance Artist. She was born in 1992 in Almere, Netherlands. At the moment she lives in Rotterdam. After a prepatory year she started to study Fine Arts at AKV| St. Joost Breda in 2011. In 2015 she graduated in Fine Arts. In addition to live performances she also uses photography and video as a medium.

In her performances she reveals the desire to be loved. She represents the inner struggle between the desire to be gracious and loved, and the destructive side that breaks through obsession again. Starting from beauty that slowly unfolds to the powerlessness that balances between horror and pleasure.

Imke’s work is characterized by the physical use of her own body. Material and clothing choices also play a major role. This emphasizes themes such as seduction, sensuality and eroticism. Her work is at first sight aesthetically pleasing to look at. In her performances she tries to show her most inner desires, even though they are sometimes in conflict with each other.

Her most recent work was inspired by Lilith. The most famous description of Lilith comes from Judaism and tells that she was the first wife of Adam. She did not submit to Adam and fled from paradise. She is connected with the instinctive female sexuality and the female power. Because she did not allow herself to be oppressed by the man, she is often seen as a symbol for feminists.

This feminist character is reflected in her work “Tempting Danger: Releasing the Beast”, where she enters the role of the temptress again and visualizes her point of view as a free woman. As well as, the struggle that woman have been conducting with the man for centuries.

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