Hyerim Ha

South Korea

I believe personally a beauty of architecture is the best among the other art genres.
As it is essentially different between excitement from 3-dimensional spaces to be obtained through movement of our bodies and heads and excitement from 2-dimensional paintings.

However, sometimes architecture would be burdened by something apart from the artistry of space.
For instance, architectural structures and equipment come under this disturbing category.

Also, in an area of architecture, as the final decision-maker would be a client not an architect, the creation-right would be restricted deeply by clients.
Sometimes an architect who could build the PANTHEON would make a BARN eventually.
So I want to be a client of my architecture.

I’m desperate to explore a possibility of ‘architectural sculpture’ in an area of freedom; art.
From now on I want to call it ‘sculpitecture’ as a compound word sculpture and architecture.
It is not an existing sculpture to be appreciated from a distance but a sculpture could be appreciated for audiences to enter a sculpture like architecture.

In conclusion, to approach architecture just in a view of pure formative arts without those restrictions is the essence of my work.

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