Pratheek Irvathur


I come from a coastal town in India, Mangalore. I studied mechanical engineering in my undergraduate years and went on to to study graphic design in my post graduate years. I thus became exposed to the world of science, art and design, through my academic years. I became highly interested in utilizing principles of human perception in order to make us question our actions and introspect.

We, as individuals, make up the society and each of our actions make a difference to a number of things. But often, we feel free from the responsibility of the far reaching implications of our actions. We are not reminded or made familiar, to a full extent, the world we have created. I have always been interested in designing art, in order to make us question what we believe and subscribe to, so as to foster understanding and learning from each other, regardless of what we were before. I try to utilize the limitations of human perception, as a tool to challenge the limitations of our political, cultural, religious and other world views according to which we function. To do so, I utilize constructs of pure mathematics and science, to extract and play with the data embedded in our lives and actions.

The objectivity in our approaches, openness to deconstruction and questioning, can make us more tolerant and help us see things in a new light, and this is what I portray and bring to the fore, through my works.

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