Nathalie Mei


Nathalie Mei, born in Eivissa, Balearic Islands, is a conceptual artist and writer who works between Europe, the UK, and Japan.

Her artworks depict perceptual qualities of time, emotion, memory, nomadism, and territory – and their relationship to the organic world and the virtual space. Through sculpting with fragile, organic materials, image-related data, texts, and sound, the artist intertwines questions around duration and biographical traces with material samples from local territories. Her works result from long durational, cyclical production processes and explore the partitioning between emotional and intellectual processes in human understanding of complex realities.

Her works often interrelate and are, inter alia, informed by anthropology, philosophy, literature, and pop culture. The artist expands classical notions of conceptual art and the objet trouvé by introducing the relationship between emotional worlds and speculative biographies to questions around identity, copy, and original.

During her residency, Nathalie translates (found-) footage from Kamakura and Nasu, Japan to sculpture, sound, and installation. “E.A.S.T. 08” is an exploration of the layered relationship between human emotion and territory from the perspective of the visitor. The work refers to “Emotional Archive of Spaces in Time”, a cluster of artworks the artist started creating in 2018.

In spring 2024 Nathalie will be joining PADA Studios in Lisbon, Portugal, as an artist in residency.

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