Nathalie Mei


Nathalie Mei, born in Eivissa, Balearic Islands, is a conceptual artist, installation artist, sculptor, photographer, and writer who works inbetween Europe, the UK, and Japan. Her works often depict emotive and perceptual qualities of time and memory – and their relationship to the organic world and the virtual space. Her works serve the artist as a lens to examine human perception and outer-human, image-related worlds from a neurodiverse perspective.

Nathalies works are rooted in a multilayered and multidirectional understanding of time. They are informed by anthropology, philosophy, literature, pop culture, and art history.

Nathalie expands classical notions of conceptual art and the objet trouvé by introducing the relationship between emotional worlds and (maybe speculative) biographies within the geo-, zoe- and technoscene to questions around identity, copy, and original.

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