Daniel Dobarco


Daniel Dobarco’s artwork has as a subject the aesthetic of carnival, this topic we can also find it in his research (Ph.D.) Its time frame is from the Middle age Carnival to the French Revolution. That implies permissiveness, excess, investment, transvestism and alterity, and where aesthetic elements (typical of the mocking) come. “Carnival unleashes energies, inverts hierarchies and confuses individuals in a dynamic mass”. There is another important point in carnival idea: Masks and costumes, there are the elements that grants to whom it carries a loss of its identity and the adoption of a new one, it cannibalizes the original and becomes “authentic” that which belongs naturally to this period of symbolic inversion, consequently producing a future. Therefore, what is proposed in this work is a post-carnival vision, where the ritual of carnival expands in all areas of reality, since French Revolution and its values of carnival and its expansion in several of the alternate worlds that are generated every day in everyday life, where individuals in certain situations change their normal lives by adopting a new habits, such as celebrations, religious acts, tradition or war where uniformity, mask and / or anonymity mark their gender, class, race, etc. With this he wants to achieve a work that seduces, that hides, through the polysemy and the blunt, so that this is faced with the need to participate as a hermeneutic of Dobarco’s work, being intoxicated by its sensations and the desire to solve the puzzles that he talks about.

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