Meet the Artist // Daniel Dobarco

With the medium of painting and sculpture, Dobarco crafts realms that reference to fantasy culture and video games. His creations manifest a fictitious universe, steeped in tragicomic undertones. Inhabitants of this realm are drawn from gamer mythology, fiction literature, and pop culture, serving as histrionic reflections of our own humanity.

How did your artistic journey begin?

My first contact with art was as a child. A teacher told my parents that I had a gift for drawing and they enrolled me in a small arts academy. One day, the teacher at the academy told me that she chose a reproduction of a work of art to copy in oil and I remember when I first saw “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, it affected me deeply, and I understood that art was not simply a copying of reality, and since then I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to it.


How would you describe your practice as an artist? 

It is a very personal and intimate issue, which is usually difficult to develop. I would say that it is an adventure. Sometimes you feel like you are in a dungeon full of traps and enemies, other times you feel like it is the only way to know yourself. Perhaps the most complicated part of artistic practice is exposing yourself and being prepared for all the good and bad that it entails.


What inspires you to create your art? 

Literature, philosophy, history, video games and how these intermingle with one’s own personal experience.


What influenced your decision to come to GlogauAIR? 

GlogauAir has long connections with my hometown in Spain, Castellón. A production and residency scholarship was offered to me, so I saw a great opportunity to get to know Berlin and live with other artists in the same space. The truth is that it is a wonderful experience to be able to share your time with other artists from around the world.



Does the city of Berlin have an influence on your production? 

Absolutely! In the end, exposing yourself to new experiences and places always changes your perspective of the world and influences your work. In my last work, I felt very influenced by the canals and lakes in Berlin.