Meet the Artist // Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones (b. 1990, US) works with painting, drawing, writing and video. She holds a BA Studio Art from Oberlin College and is based in Detroit, MI. She was a co-producer of the former literary collaboration, Underword, whose works included publications and an experimental performance series. Most recently, she has exhibited work in Detroit at Trinosophes, What Pipeline, Cave, and Round About in Lisbon, Portugal where she was an artist in residence. Her video works incorporate original performances, sets and costumes featuring fictitious characters with interweaving narratives that explore relationships often accompanied by trauma, repression, jealousy and forbidden desire. These vignettes touch on the absurdity of reality, particularly the young, artist’s reality including feelings of desperation and self-compromise in order to support larger goals or beliefs. The characters are often performed in sexually exploitive manners, constituting a double-edged attempt to repossess bodies that do not always feel like their own.