Showcase // Eloise Gillow

From the 10/05/2022

until the 17/05/2022

The Gathering (through the wall) 2022

Oil on Canvas  185 x 85 cm


You see into this gathering on the other side of the wall, yet you are excluded from it. In what ways are you excluded from spaces? And where do you exclude others?

In a city where the symbol of the wall is still so present, this piece invites reflection on walls we build to contain and exclude people, on personal and geopolitical levels. These walls are physical, in the form of private buildings and hard borders, and figurative, built on our attitudes and prejudices.

Exclusion plays out in the friend groups of our social circles, as well as in the geopolitical arena with the ongoing refugee crisis. How can we be more inclusive on all these levels?

Eloise Gillow is a painter and muralist from the UK, working on canvas and on mural projects in urban space.




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