Showcase // Daniel Dobarco

From the 12/12/2023

until the 19/12/2023

You who comes to haunt me, 2023

Oil on canvas and oil on cardboard

Dimensions variable


Through painting and sculpture, Daniel Dobarco creates spaces that reference fantasy culture and video games. His work creates a fictitious world from a tragicomic point of view, inhabited by beings extracted from the new gamer mythology, fiction literature and popular culture. This fictional world is presented as a histrionic reflection of ourselves, a space to talk about things that do not fit in the real world, a place of refuge and analysis. 

During his residency in GlogauAir, Dobarco has made two series with different themes. One during his first three months, inspired by the lakes of Berlin, reinterpreting the classic theme of bathers. His current painting series is titled, “riding dragons” and is a dreamlike vision between the duality of calm and danger. This duality is produced by the contrast in the installation that places the viewer in a sky of white clouds and the monsters that populate his paintings. These creatures, which he calls dragons, symbolize the conscious form of our inner darkness, which we must learn to ride.