Pauline Maure


Pauline Maure is a multidisciplinary artist who makes films that turn into performances and performances that turn into film. She explores the theatrical possibilities of film screenings, to create enhanced cinematic experiences. Her films have simplistic narratives, exaggerated characters, humorously reductive reenactments of cinematic clichés. They are fiery tales, passionate yet not psychological, that appear as farcical dreams through the projector’s lens. Since 2020, she focuses on western movies, distorting their storylines and reinvesting their visual and moral codes. The Triple Revenge and The Triple Offense of Roppo, Sheara and Morshackle, starring Victoria Aime and Borja Lopez, is a hot vendetta about narcissistic obsessions and domestic violence. She is currently writing the second episode, The Triple Dream and the Triple Nightmare of Roppo, Sheara and Morshackle, a water-based western musical about eco-anxiety.

She graduated in Philosophy from La Sorbonne in Paris, and in Moving Image Arts from Iuav di Venezia in Venice.

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