Clara Álvarez and Elena Rocabert


For the last years, Clara Álvarez and Elena Rocabert have been exploring the margins of what is traditionally known as ‘architectural thinking’, seeking experimental environments of study, research and thought, alternative to the academy. They use sculpture, installation and spatial design as critical languages through which they build new narratives to unfold the way humans relate to the territories they inhabit -developing new dynamics of production, distribution and consumption.

In their practice, they aim to generate ambiguous and complex spaces and objects through constant material transformation, deformation and reorganisation. They are particularily interested in the process of transforming and reusing industrial materials as tools to give life to new ideas, seeking experimentation and visual impact. Through their work, they are constantly questionning their relationship with the materials they create with and the territories they come from, as well as its consequences on a planetary level. Their work is therefore at the intersection between material cultures, post-natural landscapes and social ecologies.

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