Nicolò Brezza


Can personal work be considered a unitary body? Fragments and micro-events carry the power and energy of work. Holding on to past works and their theoretical value can bring to repetition without difference, minimising the potential of the work itself. Memory represents a fundamental theme in my work, that is not to be confused with tradition that universally tends to forget tiny events and detailed qualities.

Recently I’ve been questioning painting and its space, trying to bring flat images to attack the environment in which they live, by changing their physical and chemical nature. At the same time, I attempt to reach a severe distance by remaining paradoxically tied to the criteria and tradition of old painting. I’m exploring this paradox through painting,with painting to reach painting. Questioning the nature of painting itself changes my work every time, giving me the chance to explore new medias and the different perceptions an image gives me. Consequentially, my relationship with space began to change, becoming irredeemably tied to the pictorial dimension gaining as much as importance. Thus, I began orientating my paintings towards their bond with space, firmly believing in the power of the image and its possibility of becoming a spatial, non-statuesque phenomenon. These paintings are then structured in an environment, mostly following the spatial dispositions I find in old paintings, especially from works done by renaissance masters for their fascinating use of perspective and for their installation-wise importance.

This recent personal approach towards the past allows me to find installation criteria valuable to my work. My behaviour towards, and my perception of, images changed drastically after reading Pierre Klossowski’s novel Le Baphomet, in which spaces and bodies are “visited” by people that have abandoned their physical nature for an ethereal state. This allows them to live in every era and every space they desire without getting stuck in enclosed environments. To me, this piece of literature functioned as a working method.

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