Jana Cariddi

United States

When creating an image, the content is something that evolves by each shape, flat color, and symbol that emerges. My process is spontaneous yet methodical at the same time. I try not to let content lead the process, instead, the placement of shapes, the spacing of patterns, and the relationship between color are all deeply considered decisions throughout the drawing and painting process. My goal for the final product is to create an image that is dynamic and sound, yet playful and eye catching. The process results in a symphony of chunky shapes, bold patterns, and distressed fragmented figures. A hypnotic and delightful world of colorful noses, rainbows, and mysterious windows exist in harmony with scissors, spikes, raindrops and hearts either broken or too full to beat without bursting. My goal is to create from personal experience, obsession, humor and sorrow with the intention of empathizing and connecting with the viewer on an emotional and perhaps nostalgic level.

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