Cristina Santos Muniesa


The world is no longer real, its image has been imposed. Truth is now an ambiguous trace of what was tactile, present. Face the screen, the wall and not the window. The image is fast, easy to produce, easy to swallow, an excess that becomes emptiness. The spectator before the horror of boredom doesn’t stop. It is caught in a continuous present of visual excitement where, once exhausted, language becomes thinner, synthesized, loses meaning and tends towards abstraction.

In my work I reflect on the current conditions of image reception and production. How depending on the level of involvement and awareness of the subject-user, immersed in the ubiquity of the Internet and social networks, can we approach or distance ourselves from the reality and meaning of the images.

My artistic practice is based on painting, from a perspective that is imbricated in the image that lives in daily life and confronts us with new forms of social and political management in the representation of the reality. Comparing visual accelerated time with pictorial production, focusing on the events in which interpretation and access to information is difficult, under an aesthetic of the residue, of everything that we can’t retain.

When the distance between reality and its representation increases, when reason and vision are insufficient, where can we find shape, skin, contact?

GlogauAIR Project
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