Cristina Santos Muniesa


Cristina Santos Muniesa is a Spanish visual artist currently based in Berlin. She obtained her MFA in Valencia UPV and broadened her artistic practice and education in Mexico City UNAM. In her work she analyses our daily life relationship with image production and reception within the Internet, smartphones and social networks. Her artistic practice may use photography and video, but it is deeply rooted in painting.

The image is fast, easy to produce, easy to swallow, an excess that becomes emptiness. Spectators, before the horror of boredom, can’t hold themselves back. They are caught in a continuous present of visual excitement where, once exhausted, language becomes thinner, loses meaning and tends towards abstraction.

Through her pieces, Santos Muniesa reflects on how the level of involvement and awareness of users affects the distance we maintain with the reality and meaning of images, without losing sign of the capitalist interests benefiting from people’s mind’s limitation and transformation of our impulses into bad habits.

Her practice compares visual accelerated time with pictorial production, focusing on the events affecting interpretation and access to information, under an aesthetic of the residual, of everything that can’t be retained.

When the distance between reality and its representation increases, when reason and vision are insufficient, where can we find shape, skin, contact?

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