Showcase // Cristina Santos Muniesa

From the 17/08/2021

until the 24/08/2021

A painting was here (2021)
Digital video, 4 min, installation on two screens 

A painting was here is a video essay that proposes short reflections on the idea of distance and presence in representation, while speaking about painting practice and our daily relation with digital images through screens. Quality shifts, lagging videos or cracked screens might seem a loss and an inconvenience while trying to look directly at the content of an image. However, they are actually adding a pictorial sense, just like a painting, that ultimately reveals to us that the image is present.

Cristina Santos Muniesa is a Spanish visual artist currently based in Berlin. In her work she analyses our daily life relationship with image production and reception within the Internet, smartphones and social networks. Her artistic practice may include photography and video but it is deeply rooted in painting.


You’ll be able to see more of Santos Muniesa’s work during our Open Studios event on September 17th and by following her on Instagram! 



// pictures and video stills by Cristina Santos Muniesa