Showcase // Cristina Santos Muniesa

6 Seconds of paint (2021)
Installation: 6’ digital video and 30 paintings (inkjet ink with solvents on satin paper). 

6 seconds of paint is an installation work that reflects on the reproducibility of the image in the digital era by presenting the nature of video, photography and painting and trying to fade their borders.
With video, there is no original or real, a video exists because it generates its own copies: everytime it plays, it appears on every device. Its essence tends towards the infinite. By choosing just one frame and intervening in the process of its serialized printing, Santos gives back to the image the notion of uniqueness, real presence and materiality held by painting.
Cristina Santos Muniesa is a Spanish visual artist currently based in Berlin. In her work she analyses our daily life relationship with image production and reception within the Internet, smartphones and social networks. Her artistic practice may include photography and video but it is deeply rooted in painting.

You’ll be able to see more of Santos Muniesa’s work during our Open Studios on December 17th and by following her on Instagram!