Guillermo Moreno Mirallas


The heart of the multidisciplinary artist Guillermo Moreno Mirallas’ practice lies in the critical exploration of the relationship between object and subject, matter and consciousness through the physical experiences.

In his production, he subordinates the technique to the concepts that he is analysing and building. He is currently mainly working with contact microphones, analog synthesizers, audio production software as well as 3D scans and prints and 3D modelling software. All combined with projections, photographs, paintings or drawings to generate as a result a constellation of artefacts, interactive pieces and installations.

The poetic idea of alchemy surrounds all his investigations (converting sound into light or matter into digital information), translating the original apprehension of transcendence to a communicable state, a new form that is in fact ancestral because it claims metaphorical transmutation instead of mimesis.

It is all about a deep understanding of the laws of nature and, ultimately, of time. It is, at last, about something much more internal than it might at first seem: merging oneself with the world.

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