Yves Hänggi


Graduated from the Biel Cantonal School of Visual Arts and member of the Swiss association of visual artists Visarte, I am a painter and illustrator. My artistic universe is nourished by contemporary drawing, independent comics, free figuration, pop art, popular arts and art brut, influences that I mix through various formats, materials and techniques (acrylic paint, ink, chalk, collage). My work has been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Belgium, the USA and Madagascar, and has been published by several Swiss and French publishers.

Inspired by the plural world around me and by mass culture, I seek to explore certain subterranean facets of the human being in order to bring out and exaggerate its multiple identities. To this end, I play with the notions of accumulation, multiplication, interlacing, overlapping or even overexposure, echoing the entanglement and the labyrinthine meanders of our current society. With my own artistic and metaphorical vocabulary, I weave a network of symbolic and allegorical figures, a jungle of standardized, dehumanized, submissive or robotized characters, interwoven into a frantic and overpopulated saraband.

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