Showcase // Yves Hänggi

From the 17/02/2021

until the 23/02/2021

Freak Parade, 2021

Ink drawing (print)
84×182 cm

Yves Hänggi’s artistic universe is nourished by contemporary drawing, independent comics, free figuration, pop and singular art, influences he mixes through various formats, materials and techniques. His work has been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Belgium, USA and Madagascar and published by several Swiss and French publishers. His publications are available in Berlin at Motto Bookstore and Staalplaat.

Hänggi likes to surprise by mixing styles and references to create an offbeat and teeming universe, playing with the notions of accumulation, multiplication and overlapping.

During the next GlogauAir Open Studios, you can discover a new series of works created in residence in Berlin. He was interested in the atmospheres of the different districts of the city he walked, looking for visual elements that his drawings could integrate. Hänggi recovered old ripped posters, bits of text, magazines and graphic symbols that he incorporated into his works, mixing collage, ink and painting.

You can also check Hänggi’s work at Staalplaat Gallery (Elbestrasse 28-29 HH, Neukölln) in the exhibition BANANA BUNKER from March the 11th to April the 10th.

You’ll be able to see more of Hänggi’s work during our upcoming Open Studios and Virtual Open Studios starting March the 19th!

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