Group Showcase // Adi Oz-Ari, Julia Hannafin, Lucas Ngo, Yves Hänggi, Mariona Berenguer

From the 03/03/2021

until the 31/03/2021

Adi Oz-Ari, Julia Hannafin, Lucas Ngo, Yves Hänggi, Mariona Berenguer

Group Showcase (2021)

Analogue and digital photography

The resident artists at GlogauAIR, together with our Berlin guest artist have created a Group Showcase

Yves Hänggi, mixing street-founded posters and prints with his painting techniques has created collages and images of his own, influenced by the city of Berlin. Lucas Ngo‘s artistic obsessions lead him to working over and over the same theme. In GlogauAIR he has focused on the chrysalis and its symbolism, working with the fluidity of ink and watercolour. 

Adi Oz-Ari’s practice fixates on reworking photographs and images, resulting in abstract artworks. At GlogauAIR, she has been working with found items, creating collages that look for visual reinterpretations of illnesses and pain. Julia Hannafin, our on-line resident, has reached GlogauAIR not only through webcam meetings, but also working through a questionnaire that helps her imagine being in Berlin – joining her writing with the thoughts and feelings of our artists on-site. 

Mariona Berenguer is our Berlin guest artist: her most recent work explores the idea of desire, an idea she plays with on mixed mediums. At the same time, she has been working with the visual effects of the superposition of lights and shadows.

You’ll be able to see more of their work during our upcoming On-Line Open Studios starting March the 19th!