Lucas Ngo


Obsession is something very present in my work. I have the habit of working on a subject until being tired or bored. I work with transparency, blur and mist, this is my graphic approach to help me to express what I want to. Usually I work with photographic or video documentation, mostly daily pictures taken with my phone. Then I start to paint with one of them as a base. As a cards reader would use cards in divination, I use pictures as a means to trigger and awaken something in my imagination, to create a “flash” in my mind that it can prompt a thought or feeling in a truly visceral way.
Reusing is a part of my process, I feel objects and images I use carry with them an echo of the past. The potential for an object or picture to trigger my imagination is something I am very interested in. I use reusing from one medium to another. I can transpose my drawings to sculpture and then to reuse ideas for video or installation. Like a russian doll. In the past, I have generally explored memory, evanescence, presence, absence and about portrait. I still work on this themes but currently I’m more into questions about landscape, complex of balance and state of being.

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