Zeeon Zheon

South Korea

I regard my work as diagrams of extra dimensions, of geology that is hard to perceive as a human being without specific engineering technology, and of my geographical and psychological unconscious. The artwork is the reification of externalized unperceivable realms.
Also, it is the capture of the continual alternation of unperceivable spheres and perceptible spheres.
At the moment of perceiving the unperceivable layer, a boundary between the perceptible and the imperceptible is generated. At the same time as the perceivable becomes recognized as the manifestation of the unperceivable, the boundary becomes fluid. The moment of awakening, the moment of formation and transformation of the boundary modifies the form and the structure of space. That is, my work can become an element to animate the space.
Not only I regard the presence of my artwork itself as an element for creating boundaries in space, but also it formally shows the relation between space and a boundary. Most of my sculptures have boundaries formed by holes, crease, seams, and colors. They are the marks of the creation of space. They eliminate, redefine, or blur interior and exterior.

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