Maria Ferrer


Maria Ferrer is an artist from Santiago, Chile currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her work reflects on human existence and the multi-temporalities that affect it, consciously and unconsciously. From the micro scale; meaning the biological and metaphysical inner processes, to the macro scale; such as the relationship with the non-human and with the interspecies ecosystems.

Her creative and constructive media are related to performance and installation. These provide the basis for an interdisciplinary work where the performative appears, either through transformations in the configuration of the piece focusing on a dynamic sensory experience, or a staging in which the body remains almost immobile, acquiring a sculptural character.

Using the body as a material, she seeks to develop interactive situations that put its symbolic and historical weight in tension, with the spectacular nature and unpredictability of the action itself in the here and now. Thus, time acquires a significant relevance in her proposals.

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