Showcase // Maria Ferrer

From the 17/10/2023

until the 24/10/2023


Wood, thread, nails, vertebral column anatomical model

Dimensions variable


Maria Ferrer is an artist from Santiago, Chile currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her work reflects on human existence and the multi-temporalities that affect it, consciously and unconsciously. From the micro scale; meaning the biological and metaphysical inner processes, to the macro scale; such as the relationship with  non-human and with interspecies ecosystems.

During her residency at GlogauAIR, she is developing an interdisciplinary project in which the media of sculpture, performance and sound, converge to produce a sensory and immersive experience; a staging in which the performer plays with sound using the voice and a hybrid between a sculpture and an instrument, generating a material contrast in which the organic and the synthetic intersect with the body-object relationship.