Twins Corporated


Twins Corporated is an artist duo formed in 2016 by twin sisters Clara & Julia von Schantz. Through collaborating they are able to explore the intertwined experiences that emerge from sharing an identical twinship. The positioning of the twin as a sought after study object in medical epidemiology and Gilles Deleuze’s formulation of the dividual is central to their practice – to examine the identical twin as a potential dividual in an individualist society. 

Twins Corporated accumulates material from social experiences, popular culture and scientific research using text, 3D animation, video and video-installation. Their experiences are informed by the conflict that arises between an individualist society and the identical twin’s lack of individuality, since identical twins share the same DNA. As a result they get disjoined as individuals, but at the same time clotted together. Are identical twins really able to contain their own individualism?

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