Showcase // Twins Corporated

From the 30/03/2022

until the 06/04/2022

Notebook, torn out pages, AI generated hand-writing 


ongoing project

Twins Corporated is an artist duo formed in 2016 by twin sisters Clara and Julia von Schantz. Their collaboration is based on the intertwined experiences that emerge from sharing an identical twinship. Their observations are juxtaposed with how twinship is represented in society in general, and in pop-culture and medical epidemiology in particular. One such example is how twins are systematically mistaken for someone else, which contradicts the capitalistic Western imperative for constant individualization. 

At GlogauAIR they have been examining the history of Swedish and German twin studies through the idea of the archive. By collecting their own and other twin’s shared memories, an exploration of authorship is enabled. Memories they may confuse with each other, memories that seem to have no real author, no owner. Who owns what, who did what?


Thanks to fellow twins Rebecca & Giorgia, Lauren & Morgan & Anaëlle & Alexia for their contributions.

Are you a twin and want to contribute? Please contact us at