Lang Zhang


In the words of Catherine Malabou:
“intelligence is nothing, and at the same time it is everything. It is the pure disposition, the ability to everything without having a being. This is what a gift is.”

I started articulating my thesis project when I got engaged in the process of making. For me an idea is not something that already exists, but the process in which my mind tunes in with the space. I let the space tell me what to do, as I discover different aspects of it that are not apparent at first glance. My time spent in the space engenders and develops the work, which becomes more specific as the making overlaps with the process of tuning. The potential of the gift/disposition lies precisely in this process.

In traditional cinema, the narrative develops sequentially as time passes. The mind travels to distant locations, and oscillates between past, present and future, while the body of the viewer remains still. In contrast, in the exhibition space the viewer navigates the content of the work at their own freely chosen, or directed by the artist, spatial trajectory. Thus, by considering the very nature of the exhibition space, I hope to take the advantage of this nature as much as possible.

As a traveller/artist, I try to carry as little baggage as possible, so that I can focus on observing and reflecting. As I find myself caught into the game of appearances, I try to delve into it so that I can focus on the incompleteness that can suspend and enhance my thinking. Anything that helps me apply this conceptual program could be my medium.

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