Xingyu Chen


For my work, I think of a word to describe this world, this world chooses to present in front of us is absolutely not our naked eye can see, the truth hidden in the skin we can see, for understanding the world needs to rely on our analysis, rely on feeling, eyes are too accurate, I think the real thing is not to be able to grasp the language and some of the links.

We can see the image too accurate, so that the formation of this error, we can not accurately grasp the world I often wondered what it was, I guess they are like a dream, some funny, funny or even unreasonable, I want to seize half awaken them, but they always choose to decamp, perhaps this is true there, I see is different from the moment, perhaps the human subconscious is and the world belong to the same structure, we do not belong to the naked eye can see the real, it is very close to the chaotic way, maybe we eye the most unlikely things through the most rigorous logic as a support there. So my painting hopes to show some of the things that no logic, so that all kinds of strange combination of things, perhaps by chance that the real world is the most recent expression, the most logical expression.

My paintings are fuzzy, this picture sense like see potential world the moment of truth for an instant the surprise, also has only a vague is the chaos the real explanation. I like the expression heart explain nothing in this world, the naked eye can only peep epidermal, this is a big surprise, even consciousness into this unexpected world as real has been in we do not know about the operation mode, there is no basis.

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