Alma Sinai

Iran and United States

I am an interdisciplinary artist using printmaking, drawing, video and installation as my primary mediums. The ideas in my works stem from an interpersonal realm, but they speak out to different individuals and communities that undergo abrupt and suspended situations in various scenarios. While navigating among different narratives, my works negotiate the uncertain status and the constant state of hovering and flux taking place in their subject’s proximate and distant surroundings. My projects usually focus on binaries: absence & presence, indoor & outdoor, visible & invisible.  

The videos function as drawings with a time dimension; instead of having sharp beginnings and ends they consist of looped episodes with no exit points, that imply the gist of a narrative in an abstract manner rather than suggesting a linear  story.  

It is as if a single drawing/print comes to life/motion. On the other hand the prints capture a moment of pause and stillness, a transition between two phases that is emptied from the aspect of time.

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