Miranda Holmes

United States

My paintings and drawings explore the movement of bodies and objects over time. In the work, past iterations of compositions and color choices remain visible alongside more developed parts of the painting. These residues of the work’s past shine through as evidence of how the painting changed. A hand that once held a coffee cup is moved further across the table, and the cup disappears. Parts of objects appear on a desk like fragmented records of their displacement over the course of a day. Where the shape of a house began to emerge now stand tall trees; the glowing windows bore yellow holes through the trunks. 

A painting changes; so do I. I think about the ways in which my environment shifts my body, how it effects my movements. I wonder about the various iterations of myself if I did not live under social systems that gain power from the manipulation of my body. Cultural influences shape us over time in ways that we cannot always name. My work preserves previous versions of bodies, objects and environments that shift and solidify each other over time. 

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