Julia Kannewischer


Julia Kannewischer is a dancer, writer and yoga teacher, who was born and raised in

From an early age on expressing herself through movement and written language have
come natural to Julia and are continuing to be necessities in her holistic approach to life.

After graduation from High School 2011 Julia did her professional dance education in Copenhagen, Munich and Kassel (2011-2015). The following two seasons she was working full-time as a dancer in the contemporary dance company ‘Divadlo Studio Tanca’ in Banska Bystrica (SK).

During her time in Munich, she discovered yoga at the age of 20, which led her to a daily practice. Establishing and maintaining her own practice has influenced the person and artist Julia has grown into and led her to do her yoga teacher training in 2017. During the last couple of years Julia has been living, teaching, creating in her hometown Zug and the surrounding centre of Switzerland, Düsseldorf (2018-2019) and Berlin (2020-March 2021).

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